Friday, 7 August 2015

Monumental Moments Maybe?

Hi everyone, 

This isn't a groundbreaking post, and is in fact pretty dull (wow, doesn't that inspire you to keep reading?!) but for me, it was quite revolutionary. 

I made a dress, in a pattern I've used before, I wore it, it fit, and I liked it.


Now, I know that some of you will not get this at all, but for me this was all quite revolutionary. 

I went to Paris with my mum in April, and goggled over some gorgeous chintzy fabric, with visions of gorgeous summer dresses and dirndl skirts. Until my mum pointed out that, although I love making dresses like that, I don't wear them. 

The Mortmain dress in the last post? I've worn once. The dungarees in the other one? Wear all the time. Hmmm.  
When I suddenly realised that I had a wedding coming up in about 7 days, and no idea what to wear, I dug out the old ByHand Elisalex pattern, and found some random fabric in my stash. I made two changes to the pattern, both in construction phase. I pinched a bit of the over-bust wrinkles out and sewed them up (classy) and reduced the waist seam allowance as although I toiled it (loosely...) and it looked like it was going to look ok, it came up a bit shorter than I thought. Which is supposed to be the whole point of a toile, but hey ho.

Anyway, the dress was a total success and I really enjoyed wearing it. The top fabric, a light cotton, was a length that I got out of the ends bin in one of the Shepards Bush shops, and the skirt was a thicker, almost like a jacket stiffness, of the fabric I made the HusBeast's wedding waistcoat out of. As it was thick, it held the creases beautifully, so those box pleats were really satisfying to sew! I think it may have helped that the wedding was pretty awesome too...

I started this sentence with 'I love to make clothes', but I'm not sure that's true - I love to make pretty things that I don't seem to wear. I like to use gorgeous flowery fabric, but i'm writing this wearing a plain navy tshirt and jeans. However, I got so much enjoyment out of enjoying wearing something I made, if that makes sense, that has stopped me in my tracks.

I think I need to rethink all of this...

Thoughts welcome.

PS - Here's the dress :)