Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Mortmain Dress

I hope everyone had a nice Easter filled with chocolate and fun stuff? It was lovely and sunny in London this weekend, which was perfect for a family filled long weekend. Apart from when we ran off to the spa for the day.. :)

Please excuse the terrible photos, but I actually really like this dress. I'm squinting like a weirdo and the outfit is generally a bit weird - its that difficult bit of weather where it's too warm for boots but too cold for bare legs... Really, I just wanted to wear the dress!

I haven't seen massive love for this dress on the blogs, but I thought it looked like a useful wardrobe staple which I could wear for work. My mum has tried the dressing gown pattern and thought they were fab instructions.

The pattern was quite easy to follow, apart from the bit round the zip insertion, but I think that was probably me being a dunce... I still need to really work on zips! So that bit is a bit messy. I don't think it helped that the zip was massively too long and I didn't want to wait until I could get a more appropriate one, so really, totally my fault!! I think it looks a bit weird at the bottom of the zip, and because I half followed their instructions but also half did it my self, it's a bit of a mess...

Other than the strange zip insertion that I cockled together, I also increased the length of the bodice by 1 inch, which is what I do for most patterns.

I also made a standard size 12, which I toiled and it fit, but when I fit the denim one one it was massively too big and I had to bring it in a couple of inches all the way down.

So, onto the pictures:

I will use this pattern again, I think next time it'll be in a work appropriate fabric. I do think I'll have to think about the changes that I'll need to make, mainly with the zip and the sizing... but even with all of that I still like the dress!

Have any of you tried this pattern?


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