Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A finished blanket.

Good morning all!

I hope it's as beautiful and sunny where you all are today, it's lovely here in London today. I've got a bit of a later work start this am so am still sitting at home with the sun streaming through the windows, which is lovely, apart from it totally shows how much cleaning I should be doing in the flat instead of sitting here typing away! Ah well...

Talking about sunny days, I'm STILL waiting for a nice sunny day to take photos of the completed Colette Negroni shirt, and my other version as well (long story), so in the meantime, here's the completed baby blankets - what do you think?

I loved making this, such a quick one to run up and it was really well appreciated which is always nice. In the last post I explained I was going to baste on the ribbon taggies, which I did, but I somehow still managed to miss one and had to do a bit of doctoring at the end. But at least it was only the one taggie, which makes a change.

I'm not sure about any of you, but although I enjoyed this make, I don't find working with plush fabric or flanneling that fun, I'm sure if I was less impatient and took a bit more time over laying it out and pinning it etc then it wouldn't seem to grow in all direction but who wants to spend time doing that?! 

Not to mention the fluff that ends up everywhere!

Have you got any good tips for managing these unstable fabrics?

The main good thing about making a baby gift is you get sent lots of lovely pics of said blanket in use with cute baby :)

Right - next up - Negroni blogging and the Mortmain dress by Gather for me. I've cut out the pattern and lengthened it in the waist by an inch so watch this space!


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