Friday, 6 March 2015

Just a little one!

A quick one today while I'm waiting for a sunny day to take photos of the Negroni photos (it's complete! Sortof...)

We had brilliant news last week with a close friend having a sproglette, a boy, which as all you crafters out there will know, means a handmade gift.

To date I've made three of these:

diy minky taggie blanket tutorial

The first two I made following the tutorial to the letter.

The third one I added a crisp packet to one of the corners for that lovely scrunchy noise that babies (and adults!) love. I did look at the proper scrunchy paper, but on my web based searching I read many comments to use crisp packets so I thought I'd give that a go and it seemed to work.

They've all been really well received, so I'm all prepped for the next one...

I think I might make one change this time, i'm going to baste on the ribbon tags prior to sewing the blanket together - last time I ended up with a lot of wonky tags!

Do any of you have a tried and tested new baby pattern? 

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