Monday, 2 February 2015

Turia dungarees


Sorry about the gap - this weeks been a bit manic at work and I really couldn't wait to share this make either.

Last weekend I sat down to finish off the Turia dungarees and, fair warning, I'm feeling a little pleased with myself :)

I'll admit - I didn't make a toile. I cut it out... but then didn't quite know where to start! It was really starting to hold me back, so I just thought wing it. Luckily it worked out!

The pattern itself is lovely, the illustrations are great and the instructions at the right level. Pauline Alice hasn't done an online sew-a-long, but has provided several tutorials about how to do tricky parts, such as this one on flat felled seams which explains the process clearly.

The flat felled seams are so pretty - which seams like a strange thing to say, but they're just so neat and tidy! At the beginning of Pauline Alice's tutorial, she explains how she likes to use the, as she doesn't have an over locker, and so finishing her seams are really important to her. I also don't have an over locker, although I'd love one I'm just not sure I've got the space :(. The insides of my makes are always embarrassing, I tend not to have enough patience to finish them off by hand and have never figured out how to make them pretty like the talented sewers can, plus I tend to just want to get on with the next thing. In fact (confession), my amazing mum hand finished all the insides of the bridesmaids dresses... Thanks mum!

That's not to say they all went well, as with a few other blogs I read of this pattern, doing this snazzy seam has caused issues in most of the crotches, including mine... But there's worse places to go wrong.

There's a lot of top stitching in this pattern, which would have been easier if I could figure out how to make my machine do the twin needle stitching that it says it can do. It was a real test of patience, not zooming down the trouser seams. But you do really have to go slow, as I used such a contrasting top stitch (can't beat the classic yellow) the few areas where I got distracted really shows.

I made several pattern changes. Again, after blog hunting, I also only put in one zip on the left hand side. Mainly because I'm still not very zip confident, it gave me half the number of areas to go wrong in. Although these instructions were so easy, this must be one of my neatest zip insertions.

I increased the size of the back pockets - I'm not I did them right, but they were really tiny.

I also increased the length of the bib piece by three inches. After cutting it out and starting to sew it, I had a sudden panic about it and tried it on, which was a good shout as it was really quite short, finishing at a pretty unflattering point. I wish I'd thought ahead (or made the damn toile) and also lengthened the straps. They're only just long enough really.

So, they aren't the most flattering things I've ever owned, but I really love them.

PS - sorry about the weird sports socks... ;)

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