Thursday, 22 January 2015

Onto the fabric shopping...

Yeah, I know, this one doesn't sound overly exciting does it?

To be fair, I'm not too sure on where to start with the whole 'making the dresses' thing, so I'm just going to do a short note on the fabric first, to get into it slowly!

If you all haven't noticed, i'm awesome at procrastinating. You know people always say you have one skill? Well, mine is definitely the ability to ignore something I really shouldn't, and procrastinate.

The other day I explained how long it took me to find the pattern. Before I decided on a pattern, I actually bought some cheap fabric from a shop down the road from me, in two shades of green, and two shades of dusky pink. They were all fine, but cheap, and I decided in the end that working with that much fabric probably required decent quality fabric for a change, if I was ever going to enjoy the process.

We were so lucky with the fabric buying. My mum and I spent the weekend in Birmingham staying with my brothers girlfriend's (now wife's) mum (complicated, but it was a brilliant weekend - and I thought you'd all like to know the full story...). I was still doing a brilliant job of doing a lot of wedding blog stalking (mainly Rock My Wedding, if you're looking for a good one) and Pinterest-ing, but not a lot of actually making decisions and sorting things.

That weekend though, we were on a mission. With the combined shopping experience of us four, we managed to buy all the fabric, for the bridesmaids dresses and all the napkins, and my wedding shoes!

The first fabric we found was on a market stall in Birmingham, which I just spotted when walking passed. As I'd finally made the decision of the Elisalix dress, the upholstery weight fabric was perfect. The stall owner told me it was £2.50 a meter, and as I was trying to get over my shock and hiding my 'shocked face' while my mum was working out the meters required, he came over to say he'd got it wrong - it was actually £2 a meter. We bought the whole roll. Brilliant.

The next fabric was from the Silk Shop, which is just like an adult sweetie shop - it's so full of rows and rows of towering fabric.

One of the first things I'd decided was that I wasn't going to make my girls wear something horrible and shiny - no silk or satin. Hmm. That decision really didn't last long, but seeing as one of the girls who'd be wearing it was with me and also loved it, that was acceptable, yeah?

It was gorgeous fabric - a really heavy satin and a gorgeous grape maroon, and only slightly over budget at £13 a meter. As it's really heavy, it sits really beautifully and isn't the clingy satin type.

It's a bit creased - whoops.

So that really only left making the dresses... (oh, and carrying all that fabric home - weighed a tonne!)


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