Thursday, 8 January 2015

A 'creative lull' buster.

So my first real post of my new sewing blog is going to be about knitting.

Go figure!

I don't really like New Year, instead of uplifting I tend to find it a little melancholic and sad, not that I'm not looking forward to the new year but I had such a fab year last year, it seemed a little weird to wave it off smiling.

I'm not too sure on the whole 'new years resolution' either - if you're going to change something, why wait till January?

But, saying all that, I did decide to use some of this non-wedding planning spare time I now have in being more creative. Last year I made seven bridesmaids dresses (yes, I am nuts, And yes, I will blog about this as I searched for ages for advice and couldn't find any!), as well as all the other random wedding paraphernalia you end up making, such as flower girl headdresses and decorating randoms.

Whereas this year seemed a bit, well, goal less.

Obviously, as soon as I decided to be more creative, I really fell into a creative hole. Do any of you feel that way? What do you do to get out of your rut?

I tidied all my sewing things and re organised it.

I sorted through my huge UFO pile and actually got rid or unpicked loads of it, which felt so liberating!

And still couldn't find anything to lure me in.

So instead of what I normally do, which would be randomly start cutting out a pattern I wasn't too sure I wanted in a fabric I wasn't too sure about, I thought i'd sit tight for a bit and do a bit of knitting. One of our friends is due to have a baby in mid January, so what's better than a little hand made cardy for a newborn? Well, probably a well knitted one!

My knitting is patchy at best. I can knit scarves pretty well, but other than that I lose concentration and concentrating on the numbers and the counting just isn't my strong suit.

I'm semi pleased with how it turned out. The pattern was easy to follow and the instructions you can find all over youtube make such a difference don't they? But I'm still going to be handing it over with a 'I'm sorry it's crap but here you go' conversation.

This is the pattern I used:Baby Wrap Crossover Cardigan

Edit - Wow - I've just looked at this link to check it's working and they're now charging £2.99 for it. Sorry - it used to be free!

Onto the photos (which are terrible by the way - we've lent our decent camera to my brother who's on safari, and I lost my iPhone so am using a really old phone which takes terrible washed out looking photos - but it's better than nothing?):

As you can see, it's quite cute, and as we don't know what flavor the little one is going to be yet, green is a nice safe colour. It didn't have any button holes to put in which is one of the main reasons I went for the pattern and it's easy and relatively quick to sew up, even for a slow knitter like me.

I think the worst 'surprise' that I managed though was the mess I made of the seams on the arms - can you see? I really need to look at how to cast on neater - the holes I left were huge, and so when it came to knitting it up it looks really messy.

So in summing up - I'm not sure - can I really give this a gift when it looks like this?!


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